The Bulletins of The Irish Georgian Society.

While early issues focused on the preservation work of the Society, from the 1960s the Bulletin included essays by pioneers of art, architecture and decorative arts scholarship in Ireland, including Ann Crookshank, C.P. Curran, Ada Longfield, Rolf Loeber, Edward McParland and Alistair Rowan. The appointment of an academic editor in 1995 ultimately paved the way for Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies.

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Volume XXXIII — 1990

Issue 1

  • The Flags and Uniforms of the Irish Volunteers and Yoemanry, F Glenn Thompson
Issue 1 PDF (2.325 MB)

Volume XXXIV — 1991

Issue 1

  • A List of Architects, Builders, Surveyors, Measurers and Engineers extracted from Wilson’s Dublin Directories 1760-1837, Mary Colley
Issue 1 PDF (3.591 MB)

Volume XXXV — 1992

Issue 1

  • A New Perspective on Georgian Building Practice: The Rebuilding of St Werburg’s Church, Dublin, (1754-9), Kenneth Severans
  • New Light on Three Eighteenth-Century Cartographers: Herman Moll, Thomas Moland and Henry Pratt, John H. Andrews
  • A List of Works Pertaining to Architecture, Building And Engineering Published in Ireland between 1700 and 1780, Christine Casey
  • The Dispersal of the Country House Collections, Cynthia O’Connor
  • Parliamentary Binder B Identified, Joseph McDonnell
  • Book Reviews and Current Research
Issue 1 PDF (4.456 MB)

Volume XXVI — 1994

Issue 1

  • The Main Guard, Clonmel. The Rediscovery of a 17C Court House, Margaret Quinlan
  • ‘Her Grace’s Closet’. Paintings in the Duchess of Ormond’s Closet at Kilkenny Castle, Jane Fenlon
  • Evidence for the Collecting and Display of Painting in Mid 18C Ireland, John Coleman
  • The Influence of the French Rococo Print in 18C Ireland, Joseph McDonnell
  • Current Research, Queries and Book Reviews
Issue 1 PDF (6.245 MB)

Volume XXXVII — 1995

Issue 1

  • The Coote Armorial Bindings, Joseph McDonnell
  • Parnell Square: An Analysis of House Types, Anthony Duggan
  • The Speculative Building Activities of Simon Vierpyl, Helen Byrne
  • Decimus Burton’s Work in the Pheonix Park, 1832-19, Dana Arnold
  • Current Research, Book Reviews
Issue 1 PDF (5.849 MB)

Volume XXXVIII — 1996

Issue 1

  • Introduction, Sean O’Reilly
  • Making Connections in Georgian Ireland, Frederick O’Dwyer
  • The Building and Furnishing of a Dublin Townhouse in the Eighteenth Century, David Griffin
  • A Database of Irish Architects 1750-1940 A & B, Ann Martha Rowan
  • The Glazing Fraternity in Ireland in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Nessa Roche
  • Appendix Bulletin - Volumes I – XXXVII
Issue 1 PDF (6.506 MB)